In days gone by all the towns and villages in Turkey had a bathhouse where the local people gathered regularly to relax and exchange gossip.


The body is rinsed . Your therapist then uses a conditioning soap rubbed into a Torba and when combined with air, creates a cloud of frothy bubbles to wrap the body in. Once the body is lathered the therapist massages the soap bubbles into the skin.

The massage is relaxing and energising and really cleanses the new skin layers as well as providing some degree of stretching and kneading of those tired muscles. To complete the treatment, the client lies under the Vichy shower.

You are encouraged to stay and enjoy the cold plunge, the warm soak or hot spa or pour water over yourself from the cold fountain (traditional). Put on a thick bath robe and enjoy a hot tonic with a few dates in the recovery lounge area.

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